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IB0505S-2WR3 IB0503/IB0509/IB0512/IB0515/IB0524S-2W DC-DC isolated power supply module with short-circuit protection

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IB_S-2WR3 Series Mode list 拷贝

IB05__S-2WR3-2 拷贝

Product Features:

  • 7PinSIP international standard pin

  • Isolation voltage: 1500VDC

  • Low static current and high conversion efficiency

  • Low ripple coefficient and low noise

  • Working environment temperature: -40 ℃~+85 ℃

  • MTBF ≥ 3.5 million hours (3500000 Hrs)

  • Output short circuit protection: sustainable short circuit protection, automatic recovery

  • Built in soft start technology

  • Special specification products can be designed according to customer needs

Input characteristic:

Working ConditionsMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Input voltage range5VDC input series4.7555.25Vdc

12VDC input series10.81213.2

24VDC input series22.82425.2
Max output power

Input fliter typle

Capacitive filtering

Hot plug
*This series of modules does not have input anti reverse connection function. It is strictly prohibited to input positive and negative reverse connections, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the module

Output characteristic:

ItemWorking and testing conditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Output loadload percentage10--100%
Output Voltage AccuracySee Error Envelope Curve----±1%
Linear adjustment rateInput voltage variation ±5%----±0.5%
Load adjustment rate10%~100% load--+1+2%
Ripple & NoisePure resistive load, 20HMz bandwidth, peak-to-peak--30--mVp-p
Temperature Drift CoefficientFull load
Output short circuit protectionContinuous short circuit protection, automatic recovery--

Notes: Ripple and Noise Test Methods Twisted Pair Test Method

General characteristic:

Working conditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Insulation voltageInput output, test time of 1 minute, leakage current less than 1mA1500----VDC
Insulation resistance Input output, insulation voltage 500VDC 1000-M Ω1000----MΩ
Isolation capacitorInput output, 100KHz/0.1V --40-- pF--40--pF
Working temperature Use reference temperature derating curve chart-40--+85
Storage temperature
Temperature rise of the casing during operation
Storage humidityNo condensation5--95%RH
Pin resistance to welding temperatureWelding point distance from the shell 1.5mm, 10 seconds----+300
Switching frequency Full load, nominal voltage input--100300KHz
10-55Hz, 10G, 30 Min. along X, Y and Z
Shell material
Black flame retardant and heat-resistant plastic (UL94V-0)
Minimum time between failuresMIL-HDBK-217F@25℃3.5X10 6----Hrs

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