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Product News
Bluetooth offline voice module V50 applet dual voice control can be applied to Bluetooth speakers
Data:2021/11/01| visits:6111

HLK-V50 supports dual-mode Bluetooth + applet control + offline voice. HLK-V50 is small and exquisite, size 16x25mm; supports 100 command words; master-slave integrated machine; in the home environment, the speech recognition rate is as high as 93%; it can be widely and quickly applied to smart homes, various smart small appliances, 86 boxes, Products that require voice control, such as toys, lamps, industrial, medical, Internet of Things, automobiles, security and lighting.

  • Voice and Bluetooth applet can be controlled at the same time

HLK-V50 is an offline voice module using dual-mode Bluetooth, which can be controlled by voice and Bluetooth. At the same time, it supports simultaneous control of voice and small programs, that is, users can dual control modules through voice and mobile phones, and then apply them to more usage scenarios. The control methods and product development are more flexible and changeable, which is a more natural human-machine exchange. Voice interaction system. Users can redesign the small program to control the product through the Bluetooth protocol, or use Hilink’s existing small program to control the product, and then have an interactive design solution with a higher degree of product matching.


  • HLK-V50 master-slave integrated machine

HLK-V50 adopts the BLE5.1 Bluetooth solution and is a master-slave integrated machine. It can be used as a master to search for and connect to other devices, or as a slave device to be connected by other masters. HLK-V50 has an I2S digital audio interface, two SPI interfaces, and a hardware IIC interface, both of which support master and slave modes.


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