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Hi-link Wireless Routing Module HLK-RM20 6 Ports Dual Core Gigabit IoT Module for Linux Development WIFI Module Testboard Kit

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HLK-RM20-2 拷贝

Product Overview

HLK-RM20 is a high-performance embedded module launched by Hi-link Electronics, which is a highly integrated on-chip system routerdevice module, using MT7981B+MT7531A solution, for home entertainment and home automation, etc.

The SoC used is manufactured using advanced silicon technology and integrates dual core ARM ® Cortex-A53MPCoreTM, work

Up to 1.3GHz frequency and more DRAM bandwidth. It also includes various peripherals, including SGMII and USB3.0 (host)

Port. Two 2.5Gbps HSGMII Ethernet interfaces have also been implemented.

The built-in hardware based NAT engine with QoS in HLK-RM20 not only has good connectivity, but alsoTransferring audio and video streams at a higher priority than other non time sensitive services enriches home entertainment applications. SFQ connects P2P sessions

Separate from audio and video sessions to ensure streaming services for HLK-RM20. With advanced technology and rich features,

HLK-RM20 will become the core of the next generation intelligent home gateway system.

Product Features

  • Nand Flash/DDR3 ;

  • Interface WAN * 1 LAN*5、USB3.0、PCIe Gen2 1-Lane x 1;

  • WAN access methods include PPPoE, dynamic IP, static IP, 3G/4G/5G;

  • Static address allocation, virtual server, port forwarding DMZ host;

  • Module power supply voltage: DC3.3V5A;

  • Key features embedded dual core ARM ® Cortex-A53 MPCore 1.3GHz

      -32KBL1 I-Cache and 32KBL1 D-Cache

      -256KB Unified L2 Cache


HLK-RM20 Diagram 拷贝

Technical Specifications

Hardware parametersStorageDDR3: 256M(2Gbit); Nand Flash: 256M(2Gbit)
Hardware interfaces
network portGigabit network ports*6:WAN*1、LAN*5

Partial foot reuse

2.5G SGMII*1
Working voltage3.3V
Working current700mA@3.3(Suggest 3.3V power supply capacity of 3A or above)

IO drive capability

Operation temperature -20℃~80℃
Module size63*58mm

Storage environment

Temperature: -40~+85 ℃, relative humidity: 5% -90% RH (non condensing)

Software parametersFirmware upgrade

Web page upgrade, command port upgrade

Network protocolIPv4, TCP/UDP
Software environment
User configurationWeb configuration

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