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Surface array semiconductor fingerprint recognition module HLK-FPM383C capacitive touch fingerprint door lock acquisition sensor

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1. Product Introduction

HLK-FPM383C is a new type of planar semiconductor fingerprint module. Compared with existing products on the market, this module has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, fast recognition speed, and high recognition accuracy. The HLK-FPM383C module is convenient to use and is particularly suitable for small, battery powered devices such as door locks, card readers, and safes; Low power consumption while maintaining excellent reaction performance and high-speed recognition speed. This module adopts a capacitive fingerprint sensor, which can effectively detect false finger problems by measuring fingerprint signals. The surface of the fingerprint sensor is coated with a high hardness coating, which can greatly reduce wear on the fingerprint sensor in daily use. In addition, HLK-FPM383C can withstand static electricity of 15KV, which is less likely to damage the fingerprint sensor when used in areas with high static electricity in winter or the north.

The HLK-FPM383C module uses a 1.0mm connector and can be connected using regular cables to enhance connection reliability. The HLK-FPM383C interface supports UART, with a default baud rate of 57600. The baud rate can be set through software. (Note: The baud rate will take effect immediately after it is successfully set. Please use the new baud rate for communication. If you forget to set the baud rate, please return to the factory to reset or verify all possible baud rates that have been set.).

2. Product Features

  • Array fingerprint sensor

  • Sensor surface covered with protective coating

  • RGB three color LED lights

  • UART interface

  • 1.0mm connector, supporting reliable connection

  • The fingerprint module supports 3.3V power supply

  • ESD protection level>15KV

  • Supports storing 60 fingerprint features (spliced 6 times)

3. Algorithmic rule

  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR):<1/1000000

  • False Rejection Rate (FRR):<1.5%

  • Response speed: feature extraction time<0.20s, single matching time<0.002s

  • Supports fingerprint stitching, with a maximum of 6 stitches

  • Fingerprint count: 60 fingerprints (spliced 6 times)

4. Application Scenarios

Security field: fingerprint door locks, safes, jewelry boxes

Management areas: licensing, management software, etc

Financial and other identity authentication fields: access control systems, POS machines, attendance machines, etc

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