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AC to DC 15v 40w GNS Step Down mini Power Supply Module Converter Intelligent household switch power module

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Product Features

GNS-Gallium Nitride Solution

Wide range input 85-264VAC/70-350VDC

Input and output isolation voltage 3000VAC

No-load power consumption ≤0.1W

Working temperature range:-25℃

Fully enclosed plastic housing, in keeping with UL94V-0 level

High output short circuit and over-current protection and self recovery glue potting, dustproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, flame-retardant

Meet UL/CE/EMC and safety testing requirements

Using high-quality enviromentally friendly waterproof thermal conductive

Can be suing in medical, industrial control, electric power, instrumentation, communication, railway and other fields

Environment Condition

Working Temerature                  -25—+60 ℃

Storage temperature                 -40—+80 ℃

Relative humidity                       5—95 %

Thermal methods                       Natural cooling

Atmospheric pressure                80—106 Kpa

Altitude                                      ≤2000 m

Vibration coefficient                  10~500Hz,2G10min./1cycle, 60min.each along X,Y,Z axes 

                                                   Meets requirements for secondary road transportation

Input Features( test at room temperature)

Rated input voltage                          100-240Vac

Input vlotage range                          85-264VAC/70-350VDC

The maximum input current             ≤0.9A

Input inrush current                         ≤34A

Input low start                                 ≤50mS

External fuse recommended           2A/250Vac or 10Ω wire wound resistance, Slow blow

Output Features

Full-load rated output voltage                       15.0±0.2%

Load regulation                                                    ±0.5%

Switching on/off overshoot amplitude                (Rated input voltage, output plus10% load)≤5%Vo

Output over-current protection Output maximum load             110-130% A

Ripple/Noise                                                ≤70mVp-p(Typ:50)

Input Voltage & Load Characteristics


Working Environment Temperture & Load Characteristics


Typical Application Circuit


Safety Characteristics

Meet UL/CE requirements

(UL/CE certification requires customers to self-certify)

Safe compatible with battery

The input end design adopts UL certification 0.5A insurance

The fire ration of PCB board is 94-V0

Safety standards comply with UL1012,EN60950,UL60950

Insulation resistance I/P-O/P>100M 0hms/500Vdc 25℃ 70%RH

Conforms to radiation EN55011, EN55022(CISPR22)

Electrostatic discharge IEC/EN 61000-4--2 level 4 8KV/15KV

Temperature rise safety design

Under normal conditons, the maximum temperature rise of the inner surface  of the power supply capacitor, 

main converter, etc. does not exceed 90℃,and the maximum temperature rise of the shell surface does not exceed 60℃

Dimension and Weight



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