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24G Ultra Low-power Radar Sensing Module LD2410S Human Presence Sensing Switch Intelligent Sensor

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HLK-LD2410S is a battery powered ultra-low power millimeter wave sensor for human presence in the Hi-Link LD2410S series, including extremely simplified 24 GHz Millimeter wave sensor hardware LD2410S and low-power human presence sensing intelligent algorithm firmware.

The hardware LD2410S is equipped with AIoT millimeter wave sensors, high-performance 24 GHz 1T1R antenna, and peripheral circuits; Low power intelligent human body sensing the algorithm adopts millimeter wave sensor distance measurement technology and advanced proprietary radar signal processing and low-power control technology of ICL1112 chip to achieve motion accurate perception of micro motion and standing human body. The low-power human presence sensing algorithm firmware is mainly applied in indoor scenes, and the low-power mode is used to perceive the presence of whether there is movement or micro movement of the human body, real-time refresh of the detection results.

The maximum sensing distance of HLK-LD2410S to a moving human body is 8M, with different triggering and holding thresholds, human presence status, and target human body in different intervals distance reporting frequency and unmanned reporting time. 

HLK-LD2410S supports GPIO and UART interfaces, plug and play, and can be flexibly applied to different intelligent devices capable of scenario and terminal products.

Product Features

  • Equipped with single chip intelligent millimeter wave sensor SoC and intelligent algorithm firmware

  • Ultra small sensor: 20 mm ×  20 mm

  • Loading default sensing configuration, plug and play

  • 24 GHz ISM frequency band, available through FCC, CE, and no commission frequency Spectrum Regulation Certification

  • 3.3 V power supply, supporting a wide voltage range of 3.0 V to 3.6 V

  • Average working current 0.1 mA @ 1 Hz reported frequency

  • Detection targets are moving, micro moving, and stationary human bodies

  • Real time reporting of detection results

  • Provide visualization tools to support configuration of detection distance intervals and targets disappearance delay time

  • Support sensing range division and completely shield any interference outside the range

  • Sensing at a close range of 0.2M, without detection blind spots

  • The maximum distance for human body sensing during exercise is 8M

  • The detection angle is large, and the horizontal coverage angle during wall mounting is ± 60 °. Wall mounting is supported

  • Support for IAP online upgrade


  • Smart Home

Perception of the presence and distance of moving objects such as the human body, and reporting of detection results fruit, for the main control module to intelligently control the operation of household appliances.

  • Intelligent Business

Identify human proximity or distance within the set distance range; timely turn on the screen and keep the device on for a long time while the human body is present.

  • Smart security

Intelligent door locks, induction access control, building walkie talkies, electronic cat eyes, etc.

  • Smart lighting

Identifying and perceiving the human body, precise position detection, and can be used in public places lighting equipment (induction lights, bubble lights, etc.).

Specification Parameters

                                                           HLK-LD2410S hardware specification
Support frequency baund24-24.25GHz

Compliant with FCC, CE, no committee

Certification standards

Supports maximum sweep bandwidth-
Maximum equivalent omnidirectional radiation power-10-dBm-
Input power3.03.33.6V-
Size-20 × 20-mm 2-
Environment temperature-40-85°C-
                                                                    HLK-LD2410S system performance

Range detection range

(Wall mounted, with a height of 1.5 m)

-8-mMoving Human Target Detection
-4-mMotionless Human Target Detection
Average operating current0.040.120.6mAOffice Scenarios
Data brush cycle14060sconfigurable

Product Diagram

Product Picture

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