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24Ghz one-transmitter-two-receiver human motion tracking trajectory radar module Wall mounted installation HLK-LD2450

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1. Product Overview

Motion target tracking is to track the position of the moving target in the region in real time, and realize the distance, angle and speed measurement of the moving target in the region.The LD2450 is a motion target tracking sensor module from the Hi-link 24G millimetre wave radar series, which includes extremely simplified 24 GHz radar sensor hardware and intelligent algorithm firmware. The solution is mainly used in general indoor scenarios such as homes, offices and hotels to enable the location tracking of moving human bodies. The sensor hardware consists of an AloT millimetre wave radar chip, a high performance one-transmitter-two-receiver microstrip antenna and a low cost MCU and peripheral auxiliary circuitry. The intelligent algorithm firmware uses FMCW waveforms and the radar chip's proprietary advanced signal processing technology. It supports serial output of detection data, which is plug-and-play and can be flexibly applied to different smart scenarios and end products.


2. Product Features

2.1 Characteristics

  • 24 GHz ISM band

  • Integrated intelligent millimeter wave radar chip and intelligent algorithm firmware

  • Precise motion target localization and tracking

  • Longest detection range 6m

  • Ultra-small module size: 15mm x 44mm

  • Wall mounting

  • Azimuth angle ±60°, pitch angle ±35°

  • The ultimate cost-effective choice

  • Multiple connection options with pin and socket interface

2.2 Solution advantages

LD2450 human body sensing module adopts 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor technology, compared with other programs, has obvious advantages in human body sensing applications: 

1. In addition to sensitive sensing of the movement of the human body, for the traditional program can not identify the micro-movement of the human body can also be sensitive to sense; 

2. Good environmental adaptability, the induction effect is not affected by the surrounding environment such as temperature, brightness, humidity and light fluctuations; 

3. Good shell penetration, can be hidden inside the shell work, no need to open holes in the product surface, improve the product aesthetics;


3. Hardware Description



PIN definition


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