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HLK-LD2420 24Ghz human body micro motion sensing detection radar sensor module HLK-LD2410 low cost solution

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Product Description

HLK-LD2420 is a high performance 24 GHz radar module with one transmitter and one receiver antenna. Its human sensing algorithm uses millimeter wave radar distance measurement technology 

and the advanced proprietary signal processing technology of S3 series chips to achieve accurate sensing of moving, micro-movement and standing human bodies.

HLK-LD2420 is mainly used in indoor scenes to sense whether there is a moving or slightly moving human body in the area and refresh the detection results in real time. It has a maximum

sensing distance of 8 m and can be easily configured to sense the distance range, sensitivity and refresh time in different zones.It supports GPIO and UART interface, which is plug-and-play and can

be flexibly applied to different smart scenarios and end products.

Product parameters

  • Single-chip smart millimeter wave sensor SoC and smart algorithm firmware on board

  • Ultra-small module size: 20 mm × 20 mm

  • Load default body sensor configuration, plug and play

  • 24 GHz ISM band with FCC, CE, and Commission-free spectrum regulatory approvals

  • 3.3 V power supply, supports 3.0 V ~ 3.6 Vwide voltage range

  • Average operating current 50 mA

  • Detection target for motion, micro-motion human body

  • Real-time reporting of detection results

  • Provide visualization tools to support the configuration of the detection distance

    interval, sub-interval setting sensitivity and results reporting time

  • Support induction range division, completely shielding any interference outside the zone

  • Proximity 0.2 m sensing, no blind detection zone

  • Motion body sensing distance up to 8 m

  • Large detection angle, covering a range of ±60°

  • Support a variety of installation methods, such as hanging the top, hanging wall

  • Independent configuration of trigger and hold states, strong anti-interference capability

Application Scenarios

HLK-LD2420 human body sensing sensor can detect and identify moving, standing and stationary human bodies, and is widely used in various AIoT scenarios, covering the following types.

Smart Home

It senses the presence and distance of the human body and reports the detection results for intelligent control of home appliances by the main control module.

Smart Business

Recognizes the human body approaching or moving away within the set distance interval; lights up the screen in time to keep the device on in the presence of the human body.

Smart Security

Induction access control, building intercom, electronic cat's eye, etc.

Smart Lighting

Identify and sense human body, precise position detection, can be used in public place lighting equipment (sensor lamp, bulb lamp, etc.).

System Description

HLK-LD2420 is an intelligent and accurate human sensor based on Hylink S3 series millimeter wave sensor chip. The sensor uses FMCW FM continuous wave, combined with radar signal

processing and built-in intelligent human sensing algorithm to detect human targets in a set space and update the detection results in real time. Using Haling Technology's intelligent millimeter wave

sensor reference solution, users can quickly develop their own accurate body sensing products.

The hardware part of HLK-LD2420 is composed of a fully integrated Hylink Smart Millimeter Sensor SoC, a 24 GHz transmitter-receiver antenna and a host MCU; the software part is equipped

with firmware and visual configuration tools released by Hylink to realize human body sensing functions with flexible configuration of sensing distance, sensitivity and reporting time.


Software Description

This chapter introduces the firmware debugging of HLK-LD2420 and the use of the upper computer tools.

The HLK-LD2420 is shipped with burned-in system firmware, the firmware version is detailed in the module package. Hailing Technology provides visualization and configuration software for 

HLK-LD2420 hardware, which is convenient for developers to configure HLK-LD2420 parameters according to the usage scenarios and optimize the sensing effect.

Installation and detection range

The HLK-LD2420 supports both ceiling and wall mounting, and the recommended method is ceiling mounting.

The orientation of the radar is shown in Figure 5-1. The Y-axis is 0°, the X-axis is 90°, and the Z-axis is perpendicular to the X-Y plane (also called the normal direction).


                                                                         Figure 5-1 Radar module orientation diagram

5.1. Ceiling Mount

The recommended ceiling mounting height is 2.7~3 m. The maximum motion sensing range of the HLK-LD2420 radar module in the default configuration is a conical three-dimensional space with

a bottom radius of 5 m, as shown in Figure 5-2.


                                Figure 5-2 HLK-LD2420 radar module detection range diagram (hanging top) Hanging top installation height

The motion and micro-motion detection range of this reference scheme at 2.7m is shown in Figure 5-3.


                                                                          5-3 Hanging ceiling mount induction range

5.2. Wall Mounted

The recommended wall mounting height is 1.5~2 m. For wall mounting, the X-axis of the radar module (refer to Figure 5-1) points to the horizontal direction, the Y-axis points upward, 

and the Z-axis points to the detection area. The maximum motion sensing range of the wall-mounted HLK-LD2420 radar module in the default configuration is a three-dimensional sector with a radius of 8 m

and an angle of ±45° in the horizontal and pitch directions, as shown in Figure 5-4.

The detection range of this reference solution for a wall mounting height of 1.5 m is shown in Figure 5-5.


                                                Figure 5-4 HLK-LD2420 radar module detection range diagram (wall mount)


                                                                         Figure 5-5 Sensing range for wall mounting

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