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Hi-link BLE5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Module HLK-B26 Master-Slave Integrated Serial Port Transmission Support APP Low Power Consumption

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Product Introduction

HLK-B26 is a BLE5.0 master-slave integrated Bluetooth serial port transmission module developed and produced by Hi-link Electronics. Various devices with serial ports can use Bluetooth wireless data transmission and reception simply and quickly through this module.

This product can be set to be used as a Bluetooth slave or host device. The host mode supports connecting one slave, and the slave mode supports connecting up to one host.

By using the serial Bluetooth bidirectional transmission function of this module, users do not need to understand the complex Bluetooth protocol stack. They only need to connect the customer's device or MCU's serial port to this module, and the module will automatically complete the bidirectional data forwarding between the serial port and Bluetooth (GATT), which is like a bridge between the user's MCU serial port and Bluetooth device, adding Bluetooth wireless transmission function to the user's serial device. Supports AT command mode, which allows for querying or setting basic parameters of the module, such as device name, serial port baud rate, etc., through serial port AT commands. This module provides rich testing tools and user documentation, including a mobile app demo, making it easy for users to quickly become familiar with and apply this module. 

The schematic diagram of the Bluetooth serial port transparent function is as follows:


Product characteristics

  • Main frequency 96MHz, 32bit

  • Fast and stable Bluetooth serial port transmission, with a baud rate of up to 921600

  • Master slave integrated Bluetooth, can be set to either master or slave mode

  • Support custom broadcast data

  • Based on BLE5.0, it has faster speed, longer transmission distance, and can reach up to 50m in open environments

  • Supports low-power mode with a sleep current of 102 μ A. Support custom connections and broadcast intervals

  • Bluetooth transmission power adjustable, up to 8dBm, receiving sensitivity up to -92dBm

  • Support OTA Bluetooth wireless upgrade module firmware, wireless configuration module parameters

  • Default onboard antenna, extremely low-cost control, with strong wireless signal under low-cost conditions

  • Built in Watchdog for reliable long-term operation

  • Wide working voltage of 1.8V to 3.4V, typical value of 3.0V

Application scenarios

The serial Bluetooth bidirectional transparent transmission provided by HLK-B26 provides a simple and flexible data channel, which can be widely used in various products that require wireless data transmission through Bluetooth.

Common application scenarios are as follows:

  • Smart Home/Home Appliances

Control smart sockets, smart lights, smart door locks, etc. through mobile phones

  • Internet of Things

Wireless data transmission between mobile phones and devices, devices and devices

  • Instrumentation

Reading data and configuring parameters wirelessly through Bluetooth

  • Industrial and agricultural control

Connect various control or sensing devices wirelessly through Bluetooth for reading and control, etc

  • Medical health

Health data monitoring, wireless care devices, etc

  • Automotive Electronics

Wireless detection and control, etc

  • Toy entertainment

Bluetooth remote control, wireless control and transmission

More possibilities await you to unlock


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