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60G Millimeter Wave Fall Detection Radar Module Testboard Kits HLK-LD6002C Non-contact Intelligent Monitoring with 2T2R

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Product introduction

HLK-LD6002C device has integrated 2 transmit and 2 receive channels, IQ down-conversion mixers, a RF VCO, a Fractional-N PLL, frequency tripler, built-in digital signal processing units, including FIR, FFT and other radar signal processing function blocks. The device includes an ARM® Cortex®-M3 Core based processor subsystem, which is responsible for radio chip configuration, control, calibration and data communications. The device is provided with a complete platform including reference design, software drivers, API guides and user documentations. The device also supports cascade-mode operation for applications that need higher accuracy and long range.

Product Features

  • Integrated PLL, Transmitter, Receiver, Baseband and ADCs

  • Operating Frequency: 57 to 64GHz

  • 2-Transmit, 2-Receive Channels

  • Ultra-Accurate Chirp (Timing) Engine Based on Fractional-N PLL

  • Tx Power @ Single Channel: 12dBm

  • 57 to 65GHz Phase Noise@1MHz offset: - 91dBc/Hz

  • Rx Noise Figure: 11dB

  • RF Built-in self-test (BIST) module, Self-calibrated System Across Frequency and Temperature

  • ARM® Cortex®-M3 Core

  • Built-in Digital Signal Process, including FIR, FFT and etc.

  • Built-in FMCW Chirp generation

  • Available IOs:

    --- 1 SPI Channels

    --- 1 CAN2.0/CAN-FD

    --- 3 UARTs

    --- 1 I2Cs

    --- Interface for analog IF output

  • Power management with low power mode

  • Digital I/O voltage 3.3V

  • Clock Source

    --- 50.0MHz Oscillator or Crystal

    --- Support external 32.768KHz crystal

    --- Internal RC Oscillator, 32KHz +/- 20%

  • Easy hardware design with 0.5mm pitch, 113-pin and 6.75mm x 6.75mm x 0.49mm fanout BGA package for small formfactor size


  • Respiratory rate monitoring

  • Human persistence monitoring

  • Gesture recognition

  • Low power carpark monitoring

System Block Diagram



Signal NameSignal descriptionMax Ratings
Min Max
RF power RF power 1.45V
VDDDigital 1.2V supply 01.4 V
VDD12 Internal 1.2V LDO output 1.4V
AVDD18_PLL Internal PLL Power supply 02.75V
AVDD18_PLL_VCOInternal VCO Power 02.75V
AVDD18_BB1 Internal Baseband1 Power 02V
AVDD18_BB2 Internal Baseband2 Power02V
VDD33 Analog 3.3V Power03.63V
DVDD33 Digital 3.3V Power03.63V
CLKP, CLKN Input ports for reference crystal-0.5 2V
Clamp current

Limit clamp current through the internal

diode protection of the I/O

-2020 mA
T Operating junction temperature range-40 125 °c

Storage temperature range after

soldered onto PC board


(1) Stress beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to any Absolute Maximum Rating condition for extended periods of time may affect device reliability and lifetime

Module Block


Module Size


                                                                                                                                    HLK-LD6002C  module size(unit: mm)


                                                                                                                              HLK-LD6002C  module thickness(unit: mm)

Footprint Size


                                                                                                                HLK-LD6002C  module footprint(unit: mm)   (TOP VIEW)


                                                                                                                 HLK-LD6002C  module SMT footprint(unit: mm)  (TOP VIEW)

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