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AI Smart Offline English Voice Control Tes/ Development Board HLK-V20 150 Commands

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HLK-V20 is a high-performance pure offline voice recognition module newly launched by Hi-link Electronics according to a large number of pure offline control scenarios and products. It can be widely and quickly applied to smart homes, various smart small appliances, 86 boxes, toys, lamps, Industrial, medical, Internet of Things, automotive, security and lighting products that require voice control. The module uses a 32bit RSIC architecture core, and adds a DSP instruction set specifically for signal processing and speech recognition, an FPU operation unit that supports floating point operations, and an FFT accelerator. The audio signal is trained and learned through the neural network to improve the voice signal Recognition ability. The solution supports offline recognition of 150 local commands, free configuration of wake-up words, command words, and broadcast reply words through the background, supports lightweight RTOS systems, rich peripheral interfaces, and simple and friendly customized tools.


● 32bit RISC core, running frequency 240M 

● Support DSP instruction set and FPU floating point operation unit 

● FFT accelerator: supports up to 1024 points of complex FFT/IFFT operations or 2048 points of real FFT/IFFT operations 

● Customized voice algorithm operator 


● Built-in high-speed SRAM 

● Built-in 2MB FLASH 

Audio input and output: 

● Support 1 analog Mic input, SNR≥94db 

● Support 4 digital Mic input 

● Support dual channel DAC output 

● Support I2S input/output 

Power supply and clock: 

● Built-in 5V to 3.3V, 3.3V to 1.2V LDO to power the chip 

● RC 12MHz clock source and PLL phase-locked loop clock source 

● Set POR (Power on Reset), low voltage detection and watchdog 

Peripheral interface: 

● Support up to 10 GPIO 

● All GPIOs can be configured as external interrupt input and wake-up sources 

● 1 standard SPI Master interface, the highest rate is 30MHz 

● 1 SPI Slave interface with a maximum rate of 30MHz 

● 1 full-duplex UART with a maximum rate of 3Mbps 

● 1 I2C master/slave controller with a maximum rate of 400kHz 

● 2 PWM outputs 

● 1 12-bit SAR-ADC with a maximum sampling rate of 450Khz 

Custom voice: 

● Customize the startup announcement 

● Custom voice wake-up words 

● Customize voice command words 

● Custom TTS voice broadcast 

● Support no wake-up words (no need to wake up, direct recognition of command words)

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