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Dual Micro Offline Voice Module 200 commands Multi-languages support HLK-V25

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HLK-V25 implements acoustic front-end solutions such as voice enhancement, sound source localization, echo cancellation, and functions such as voice wake-up and offline recognition.

The front end adopts the latest generation of microphone array algorithm, which combines traditional signal processing and neural network processing capabilities to significantly improve the front-end acoustic processing Effect.

Can be widely and quickly applied to smart homes, all kinds of smart home appliances, 86 boxes, toys, lamps, industrial, medical, Internet of Things, automotive Products that require voice control, such as cars, security and lighting.


  • Pure offline solution, voice control can be realized even when not connected to the Internet.

  • Using FreeRTOS, the system starts up quickly after power-on.

  • Meet the voice interaction needs of home appliances:

    a) The dual-mic front-end processing algorithm meets most of the environmental noise reduction needs;

    b) Echo cancellation, support for broadcast interruption;

    c) A new generation of neural network wake-up and recognition technology;

    d) Support built-in audio playback.

  • Low false wake rate that is better than the industry level.

  • High recognition rate for Mandarin with dialect accent.



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