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HLK-5D2412 12V 5W 420mA DC to DC 84% transfer input power supply module

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Product Feature

1. Ultra wide range input (2:1), output 5W 

2. Conversion efficiency 84%(Typ) 

3. Isolation voltage: 1500VDC

4. Ultra low standby power consumption: 0.3W (typical)

5. Ultra fast start: 100mS (typical)

6. Operating temperature range :-40°C~+85°C 

7. Output protection: short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection

8. Metal case, low output ripple

9. International standard pin, PCB board in-line installation

10. It is sealed with high quality environmental protection waterproof and thermal conductive glue, moisture proof and vibration proof, and meets the requirements of waterproof and dust proof IP65.

11. High reliability, long life design, long continuous working time

Enviroment Condition

Project nameQualificationUnitNotes
Working enviroment temperature-40—+85
Storage temperture-40—+80 ℃
Relative humidity5—95%
Heat dissipation modenatural cooling

Atmospheric pressure80—106 KpaKpa
VibrateVibration coefficient 10~500Hz,2G10min./1cycle, 60min.each along X,Y,Z axes
Meet the requirements of secondary road transportation

Input Characteristics

Project nameWorking conditionsUnitNotes
Related input voltage24Vdc
Input voltage range18-36Vdc
Maximum input current≤0.7A
Reflection ripple current----mA

DC12V rated input voltage series

Impulse voltage≤50Vdc
Starting voltage9Vdc
Input undervoltage protection---Vdc
Start-up delay100msRated input voltage and constant resistance load
Input filter type
PI version
Hot plugged

Output Characteristics(12V/420mA)

Project nameTechnical requirementUnitNotes
No load rated output voltage12V±2%Vdc
Short-time maximum output current≥520mA
Rated output current420mA
Voltage regulation±0.5%
Load regulation ±1%
Transfer efficiency Vin=24Vdc, output full load 84%
Output ripple and noise (mVp-p)≤100 Pure resistance load, 20MHz bandwidth, peak to peak valuemV
Output over-voltage protection
Outputting 110-160% the maximum voltage Vdc
Insulation voltageInput- output, test in 1 minute, leakage current less than 1mA/1500V-
Insulation resisitanceInput- output, insulation volaltge 500VDC/1000MΩ
Isolation capacitanceInput- output, 100KHz/0.1V 1000pF-


(1) For product model with output voltage ±5VDC or ±9VDC , the maximum output voltage accuracy is ±5% under 0% - 5% load condition 

(2) When tested according to the 0%-00% load working condition, the load adjustment rate is ±5% 

(3) 0%-5% load ripple & noise less than or equal to 5% Vo. Ripple and noise test method, Twisted pair test method, can add capacitive load at the output to reduce light load ripple

Typical Application Circuits


EMC parameter recommendation

Component No.FunctionRecommended value
FuseProtest the circuit from damage when the module is abnormalAccess the corresponding fuse accrding to customer needs
MOV1/VaristorProtest the circuit from damage when the module is abnormal14D330K
ldm1/Common mode inductanceEMI FilteringInductance: 10-30mH
CO,C1 Ceramic capacitorsFilter capacitor1uF/50V
E1,E2 Electrolytic capacitorFilter capacitor100uF/50V
LDM2/Differential mode inductanceEMI filtering10-68uH


* Fuses and varistors are basic parts of protection circuits (required).

* If the certification is required, the safety capacitor and common mode inductance cannot be omitted.

Output filtering


For usual requirements of ripple and noise, the peripheral recommendation is only C2; For strict requirements of ripple and noise, the above circuit is recommended. Notes:

(1) C2, C3 use high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor, and the total capacity can not exceed the maximum capacitive load indicated in the manual, otherwise the module will not start normally. (2) When the capacitive load is used, the minimum load of 3% must be guaranteed, otherwise the module output will be abnormal.

Component No.FunctionRecommended value
LDM3/Common mode inductanceAdjust the output ripple voltageInductance: 0.47-4.7uH according to the debugging result
LDM4/Common mode inductanceAdjust the output ripple voltageInductance: 0.47-4.7uH according to the debugging result
C2,C3 Electrolytic capacitorRipple voltage filtering68-220uF/50V
C4 Ceramic capacitorsRipple voltage filtering1uF/50V

Dimension and Weight


Input negativeInput positiveOutput positive----Output positive----

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