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AC DC 3W power module
HLK-PM01 5V 3W White color power module
Retail Price:$2.25
Wholesale Price:$2.10


Product features:
1. The ultra-thin, subminiature
2. The full voltage input (90 ~ 265 vac)
3. Low ripple and low noise
4. Output overload short circuit protection function
5. High efficiency and power density
6. Product design to meet the EMC and safety testing requirements
7. Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss < 0.1 W
Aging and
8.100% load test
9. Meet the requirements of UL, CE,
10. The quality guarantee period of 1 years.
Environmental conditions
The name of the project
Technical indicators:Single bit
Working temperature: - 20-60 +degree
Storage temperature: + 80-40 -degree
Relative humidity: 5-95.%
The cooling way: Natural cooling
The atmospheric pressure: 80-106Kpa
The altitude :2000M or less
Vibration coefficient of 10 ~ 500 hz, 2 g10min. / 1 cycle, 60 min. Each along the X, Y, Z axes
3. The electrical characteristics
Items Technical Parameters Units Notes
No-load rated output voltage 5.0±0.1 Vdc  
Full-load rated output voltage 5.0±0.2 Vdc  
Short time maximum
output current
≥700 mA  
Rated output current 600 mA  
Voltage regulation ±0.2 %  
Load regulation ±0.5 %  
Input low voltage efficiency Vin=115Vac, Output full load ≥73 %  
Input high voltage efficiency Vin=230Vac, Output full load ≥73 %  
Output ripple and noise
Rated input voltage, output full load. With 20MHz
bandwidth oscilloscope, Load side 10uF and 0.1uF
capacitance test.
Switching on/off overshoot amplitude  (Rated input voltage, output plus 10% load) ≤ 5 %VO  
Output over-current protection Output maximum load 110-150% A  
Output short circuit protection Direct short circuit in normal output and automatic return to normal operation after removal of short circuit   No-damage to the whole device

4. Safety features:
* The product design as to meet the requirements of UL, CE safety certification.
* Safety and electromagnetic compatibility
The input design USES UL 0.5 A insurance;
PCB board made of double-sided copper-clad boards material is 94 - where V0 fire rating level;
Safety standards in accordance with UL1012 EN60950, UL60950
Insulation voltage I/P - O/P: 2500 vac
Insulation resistance I/P - O/P > 100 m Ohms / 500 VDC 25 degree 70% RH
Conduction and radiation in line with the EN55011, EN55022 (CISPR22)
Electrostatic discharge IEC/EN 61000-4-2 level 4 8 kv / 15 kv
Radiofrequency radiation immunity IEC/EN 61000-4-3 can be found in the application
* Safety design temperature
At normal temperature on our power capacitor, main converter so on surface temperature does not exceed 90 degree; the largest
The shell surface maximum temperature does not exceed 60 degree;
5. Logo, packaging, transportation and storage
5.1 marks
5.1.1 product logo
The appropriate placement of the product with logo, its content in accordance with the provisions of the national standards, industry standards.
5.1.2 packing mark
It says on the product packing factory name, address, zip code, product model, year, month, day of production;
Marked with "up" and "moisture" "handle with care", shipping marks, all conform to the provisions of GB 191. 
5.2 the packing
Separate packing product adopts special blister box, with functions of vibration control, and comply with the regulations of GB 3873.
5.3 after the transport packaging products to any vehicle transportation, shall have the awning in the transportation, there should be no violent vibration, impact, etc
5.4. Storage products should comply with the provisions of GB 3873.

Dimension and weight 

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