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16 Channels digital input output controller
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1.1 Introduction 

HLK-DIO16 is such a multi-interface, networked, intelligent digital IO acquisition and controller  with 16 channels digital input and 16 channels relay output, built-in WiFi network module and supports Modbus. It has the remote and  local and direct control channel with simple meticulous output movement control and flexible reliable manual automatic linkage control methods. And PC software and mobilephone APP are available.
 It provides users with rich and free ways to use thanks to its high performance,high integration and high flexibility,which can be widely used in a variety of switching quantity acquisition and control systems, for the existing system to increase the network control and automatic control ability to enhance the system function and value.

1.2 Product characteristics 

l Excellent hardware design and technology, complete isolation of input and output, high reliability, built-in watchdog to ensure the equipment to work for a long time stable, built-in RTC clock chip to ensure that the power clock could not stop.
l Built in WIFI router ethernet module, support RJ45 ethernet connection and wireless WIFI; Both LAN and remote can communicate with the equipment and control the equipment, the LAN and the remote can operate at the same time, after the equipment is connected to the Internet, it can automatically connect to the cloud server, and can control the equipment remotely through APP.
l With RS485 interface, supporting Modbus protocol, it can be used as digital IO remote acquisition and control equipment, convenient access to commonly used industrial control system, through the Modbus protocol to query the status of input and output, control output action;
l With a RS232 serial port and  can control the device through this serial port;
l Powerful use of flexible automatic control features:
Flexible configuration of up to 16 automatic controls, each independent of each, can be fine and free configuration;
Intelligent timing control to support time points and time periods;
Input-output linkage control with timing;
l  Complete function output action mode: close, break, flip, point, and optional delay execution or loop execution;
l Each input supports outlay dry contact and wet node equipment, and each relay output has regular open and close contacts;
l  State change can be reported automatically
l Free to provide stable and easy-to-use mobile phone end control APP, PC control software;
1.3 Application scene
       This product aims to provide users with flexible, efficient, reliable and easy-to-use equipment and experience, and strive to become the right hand and tool in the specific application of users. Can be widely used in all kinds of switch sensor input, relay control scene.
l Output relay up to 16 channels, each maximum 10A load capacity, can easily control the switch of various household appliances, used in smart home, intelligent power control system;
l Output relay has a rich and flexible operation mode, suitable for industrial control and other occasions requiring high reliability and high customization, controlling all kinds of motor, lamp, water pump, heating equipment, transmission device, etc.
l Powerful automatic control function, can be used in various automatic control systems, the realization of unmanned automatic control;
l Through 16 items of automatic control, combined with input and output linkage, reasonable configuration, in some of the flow of a single automatic control system, can replace PLC, to realize the flow of automatic control;
Digital input:
l Through the input of fretting switch, position sensor, travel switch and other sensors, the information of position and stroke are obtained.
l Through temperature switch, water level switch, pressure switch and so on to obtain the temperature, the water level, the pressure and so on information;
l Through the magnetic switch, optoelectronic switch, human body induction switch and other information about the entry of objects;


2 Hardware interface specification
2.1 Product appearance and hardware
   outline and hardware interface diagram



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