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Ethernet router wifi module
mtk smart home wi-fi chip set iot new arrival intelligent module HLK-RM58D
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Product introduction
An overview of the
Hlk-rm58d is a low-cost embedded uart-wifi (serial port - wireless network) module launched by hailingke electronics.This product is based on the serial interface through the network standards of the embedded module, embedded TCP/IP protocol stack, can achieve the conversion between the user serial port and wireless network (WIFI).Through hlk-rm58d module, traditional serial port devices can transmit their own data through the Internet without changing any configuration, providing complete and fast solutions for users' serial port devices to transmit data through the network.

Product features
Compatible IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Dedicated high performance 32-bit RISC CPU
The 2.4ghz band supports 20 MHz and 40MHz bandwidth
single-frequency 1TIR modes, the data rate up to 150Mbps
supports 2.4g/ 5GHz band, and the dual-frequency 1TIR
supports STA/AP operating modes with built-in TCP/IP protocol stack
Support for rich AT instructions
Support for airkiss smart networking support for wireless upgrades (OTA)
3.3v single power supply, low power consumption GPIO pin multi-serial port transmission speed

Product Feature:

1.Compatible with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4G/5G ,dual frequency

3.32-Bit RISC CPU

4.Support AP/STA  two wroking mode

5.Mutiple AT commends

6.GPIO support 


jd_m_rm58d_03_meitu_6jd_m_rm58d_02_meitu_436020180918102347058jd_m_rm58d_05_meitu_5Application field
Smart home:
Wi-fi remote monitoring/control:
Toy field:
Color LED control:
Intelligent integrated management of fire control and security;
Smart card terminals, wireless POS machines, handheld devices, etc.



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