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HLK-LD012-5G Radar Sensor Module
Retail Price:$1.60
Wholesale Price:$1.30


    HLK-LD012-5G is an ultra-low power 5.8G radar sensor launched by Hilink Electronics, with an overall power consumption of about 68uA.
The module size is 20mm*20mm. The module fully integrates 5.8GHz microwave circuit, intermediate frequency amplifier circuit and signal processor.
    It has high integration and good production consistency. The peripheral is equipped with a small planar antenna to ensure the performance of the sensor while greatly reducing total measurement. The sensor can be used to detect the presence of human body or various scenes of moving target sensing, including smart home, Internet of Things, and smart lighting.
    It is especially suitable for low-power battery-powered scenes such as night lights, solar street lights, and wireless cameras.

The module reserves 5 pin holes, with a total of five signal PINs VCC, GND, OUT, P2 and P3.
The PIN distance is 2.54mm. If you need to tune the distance and delay time and other parameters, you can hang or pull down P2 and P3.
The state matches the specific resistance on the module to select the corresponding gear or use the external MCU reserved on the module to rewrite the internal parameters.

Pin Function Remark
VIN Module power supply LDO is not attached by default. Lithium battery or dry battery can be used for direct power supply (2.7~4.8V). If the power supply voltage exceeds 5V, LDO needs to be added. At this time, the power supply VCC is 5~12V
GND Ground PIN  
OUT Output Signal Output signal is high and low level(0V/2.2V)
  P2 GPIO2 Receiving gain gear selection
  P3 GPIO3 Delay time gear selection

The length and width of the module are 20mm*20mm, and the factory default does not have pins
The overall thickness is 2.5mm, if you need to bring pins, the default pin height is 12mm.


1. When installing the antenna, avoid metal shells or components on the front of the antenna to avoid shielding the signal. Plastic or glass is allowed, but the obstruction should not be close to the front of the antenna;

2. Try to avoid directing the radar antenna to large metal equipment or pipelines;

3. When installing multiple radar modules, try to ensure that the antennas of each radar module are parallel to each other, avoid direct illumination between the antennas, and keep a distance of more than 1m between the modules;

4. The radar sensor should avoid facing the AC drive power supply and try to stay away from the rectifier bridge of the drive power supply to avoid power frequency interference with radar signals;



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