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AC DC 10W power module
HLK-10M03 10W 3.3V ac dc power module
ITEM ID HLK-10M03 10W 3.3V
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    The 10W ultra-small series module power supply is a small-volume, high-efficiency AC DC power module supply designed by Shenzhen Hi-Link Electronics Co.,Ltd. It has the advantages of global input voltage range, low temperature rise, low power consumption,high efficiency, high reliability and high safety isolation. It has been widely used in smart home, automation control, communications equipment, instrumentation and other industries.

Product features 
1. Ultra-thin, ultra-small, smallest volume;
2. Global universal input voltage (90~265Vac)
3. Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss<0.1W
4. Low ripple, low noise
5. High output short circuit and over-current protection and self recovery
6. High efficiency, high power density
7. Input and output isolation voltage 3000Vac
8. 100% full load aging and testing
9. High reliability, long life design, continuous working time is greater than 100,000 hours;
10. Meet UL, CE requirements; product design to meet EMC and safety testing requirement;
11. Using high-quality environmentally friendly waterproof plastic potting, moisture, vibration, water and dust to meet IP65 standards
12. Economic solutions, cost-effective
13. Work without external circuit
14. 1 year quality guarantee period

Environmental conditions

Items Technical Parameters Units Notes
Working temperature -25—+60  
Storage temperature -40—+80  
Relative humidity 5—95 %  
Thermal methods Natural cooling    
Atmospheric pressure 80—106 Kpa  
Altitude ≤2000 m  
Vibration Vibration coefficient 10~500Hz,2G10min./1cycle, 60min.each along X,Y,Z axes   Meets requirements for secondary road transportation

Electrical characteristics

Items Technical Parameters Units Notes
Rated input voltage 100-240 Vac  
Input voltage range 85-264 Vac or 70-350Vdc
The maximum input
≤0.3 A  
Input inrush current ≤34 A  
Input low start ≤50 mS  
Long-term reliability MTBF≥100, 000 h  
External fuse
1A/250Vac   Slow blow

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