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12V to 3.3V 1W 303mA DC to DC Isolation Voltage 3000VDC Power Module Converter F1203S-1WR3

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F12XX Series Mode list

Product Feature

1. characteristic:Constant voltage input, isolated non stabilized voltage single output,1W 

2. Isolation voltage≤3000VDC

3. Low no-load power consumption 0.025W(Typ.)

4. Transfer efficiency up to 90%

5. Output short-circuit protection: continuous short circuit protection, automatic recovery 

6. The voltage of the input power supply is relatively stable.(Voltage variation range±10%Vin) 

7. Operating temperature range :-40°C~+85°C 

8. Small SIP package 

9. International standard pin,direct installation of PCB board. 

10. High reliability and long life design,continuous working time MTBF≥3.5 million hours (3500000Hrs)

Enviroment Condition

Project nameQualificationUnitNotes
Working enviroment temperature-40—+85
Storage temperture-40—+125 ℃
Relative humidity5—95%
Heat dissipation modenatural cooling

Atmospheric pressure80—106 KpaKpa
Ripple & Noise30/80(max)Mvp-pPure resistive load, 20MHz broadband, peak-to-peak

Input Characteristics

Project nameWorking conditionsUnitNotes
Related input voltage12Vdc
Input voltage range10.8-13.2Vdc
Maximum input current≤0.3A
Reflection ripple current15mA

DC5V rated input voltage series

Impulse voltage≤9Vdc
Starting voltage4.5Vdc
Input undervoltage protection---Vdc
Start-up delay---msRated input voltage and costant resistance load
Input filter type
Capacitance filter type
Hot plugged

Output Characteristics(3.3v/303mA)

Project nameTechnical requirementUnitNotes
No load rated output voltage3.3V±15%Vdc
Short-time maximum output current≥313mA
Rated output current303mA
Voltage regulation±1.5%
Load regulation ±12%
Transfer efficiency Vin=24Vdc, output full load 90%
Output grain sweep noise(mVp-p)Pure resistance load, 20MHz bandwidth, peak to peak valuemV
Output over-voltage protection
Outputting the maximum voltage 110-160%Vdc
Insulation voltageInput- output, test in 1 minute, leakage current less than 1mA/1500V-
Insulation resisitanceInput- output, insulation volaltge 500VDC/1000MΩ
Isolation capacitanceInput- output, 100KHz/0.1V 20pF-


1、The above is only a list of typical products. If you need products beyond the list, please contact our sales. 2、The maximum capacitive load indicates the maximum capacitive load that + VO or - vo can be connected to,If the value is exceeded, the product will not start normally..

Typical Application Circuits


EMC parameter recommendation

Component No.FunctionRecommended value
 Cin CapacitanceFilter capacitor4.7μA/50V
Cout CapacitanceFilter capacitor2.2-10μA/50V
Lin inductanceFilter inductanceInductance: 4.7uH
Lout inductanceCin CapacitanceInductance: 4.7uH

Notes:Output Load Requirements 

In order to ensure that the module can work efficiently and reliably, the minimum output load should not be less than 10% of the rated load.If the power you need is really small, please connect a resistor in parallel between the positive and negative poles of the output terminal (the sum of the actual power used by the resistor is greater than or equal to 10% of the rated power and the rated power of the selected resistor must be greater than 5 times of the actual power used, otherwise the temperature of the resistor will be higher)

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