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Using 1 dollar to open the door to smart home
        Many people firstly learn the "smart home" through  the legendary Bill Gates’ home,Getting into the home, you just feel like access directly into the high-tech and magic future famlily .
      The mansion which Gates spent huge sums of money, spent years building up, known as the "The House of the future"is called today's smart home classic. The house was outfitted with fiber optic cables and each room has its own touch pad to control lighting, music, and temperature.First thing, as you come in, you’ll be presented with an electronic pin to clip to your clothes. This pin will connect you to the electronic services of the house,” Gates wrote in The Road Ahead. “The electronic pin you wear will tell the house who and where you are, and the house will use this information to try to meet and even anticipate your needs — all as unobtrusively as possible.” At the time, Gates speculated cameras might one day supplant the pins, as they’d be able to do facial recognition. He explained that the house would learn your preferences and adjust to your needs. Your affinity to dimmer lights, R&B, and Monet paintings would mean the lamps, music system, and screens would all adjust when you enter the room.
     Let "The House of the future" come into the vision of ordinary people, so that more people can have experience with smart home, especially small smart appliances is the dream of each company who engaged in this industry. Who can solve the problem with with the lowest cost, the best quality solutions firstly , will occupy the majority of the market share.
    For this purpose, Hi-Link also introduce a new serial Wifi module specifically Called HLK-M30 ,which is compact and lightweight, precision SMT package, support AT commands, remote control, support sta / ap mode free swith and other advantage as below:

   In order to let more enterprises know and use this high-quality product, our company will hold a $ 1 complimentary event at present. During the event, you can get a complete set of m30 quality development by filling in your address and contact information.

Note:Each ID only can purchase 1 set.



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